Winter Snaps

May 29 2013

Web Snaps1
Just put the finishing touches on my winter album for this year. It’s a bit scrappier than years past, but I’m hoping to compensate with some overly awesome spring shots.


I’ve also been dreaming up some new ways to show off my photos. Lately I’ve felt like Smugmug’s gallery approach has felt pretty dated, and despite Flickr’s much-needed redesign it still feels like a walking dead man. Up until recently I’ve never put much thought into challenging the way most websites display photos, but I think it could be a fun experiment.

Until then though, my photos will continue living on Smugmug.
Check out my winter gallery in its entirety here:


Web Snaps2

Web Snaps3

On Phone Photography

April 3 2013


 Winter Photo 2


This winter I’ve been trying a new approach to photography, the dreaded camera phone camera. I always used to swear against it. I’d thought that somewhere in the mix of the convenience of always having your phone on your person at all times, and the lack of proper camera knowledge needed to operate one made all phone photos seem chintzy, cheap and devoid of the feeling and soul that made photography meaningful to most people.


My first steps towards phone photography happened this summer, when I was caught traveling to Pennsylvania quite often for work. Being unable to bring my SLR along, but seeing much that I wanted to shoot, I began trying to snap pictures to satisfy my creative eye, rather than just any shaky-handed photos to post to Facebook or picture message.  It wasn’t really until this winter however that I fully embraced the idea that one can use approach photography using a phone in a serious manner.


Fall Phone Photos


Once I got past the stigmas attached to using a camera-phone, I found that it was a very handy tool for grabbing photos in situations where I couldn’t or didn’t want to have my SLR on me such as crowded concerts or out and about on nights on the town. A group of friends and I have even began a group called Morning Commuters, where each member posts a shot that he or she takes on the way  to work each day. It’s been a great way to make the act of getting to work every day a little more interesting. Be sure check out some of our shots at our blog, here.  Join the commuting by just adding the hashtag #morningcommuters to any shots you take on your way to work!

Winter Phone Photo1


What it comes down to, for me at least, is that there is some value in taking camera phone shooting seriously. Will it ever be equal to more traditional digital photography? For me, probably not, but I’m sure that people said the same about digital photography when it was still in its infancy. I do have some qualms with using Instagram as a creative outlet however. It’s my thinking that Instagram should be treated as a social platform or a channel to publish photos, rather than a tool to create art. I would go so far as to say that Instagram has devalued the use of a square composition for photos. I highly recommend Snapseed to anyone looking for an alternative photo editor on their phone.


photo feb 10, 6 24 42 pm


iPhone background

December 5 2012

Siri Background


Here’s a quick background I made for the iPhone 5. It should crop down fine for the iPhone 4 as there’s not much happening around the top or bottom.

Download link:


Trucking Icons

November 29 2012

A peek at some of the trucking icons I’ve created for an app that will help streamline trucker’s workflows.


Trucking icons